Sunday, November 12, 2006

experience sharing and espisodic memory

This is my last post tonight, I promise! But I'm on such a roll, it's hard to stop!

In a much earlier post on the core deficits of autism (see my July 29 post "what Autism is"), I mentioned Experience Sharing and Episodic Memory as two of the five core deficits of Autism. Experience Sharing is pretty self-explanatory, and is obviously being addressed by these early Stages of RDI. Episodic Memory is the auto-biographical memory that people depend on to learn from and to compare their own life experiences with others. In other words, their memory of competence. So you can see, this core deficit is also being address. We're forcing their growing neural connections to form in the areas of their brain that are lacking the proper connections for these things. We are remediating Autism.

Cool, no?!

I just think it's nice to step back and see the bigger picture on occassion. Now back to my usual picking apart of RDI in miniscule detail.... Posted by Picasa


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