Friday, November 10, 2006

a post about nothing

Ok, so this is a post about nothing. Sort of think of it as my "Sienfeld" entry. I needed to get in a post for today to stay current with the November blogging post-a-day thingy. (NaBloPoMo - O So Lo Mi Oh -- oh woe is mo. Or something like that.) But I don't have time to write anything with actual CONTENT, as the kids have recently discovered our copies of the original Star Wars trilogy and after watching the original Episode IV for the last week, are bugging me to watch The Empire Strikes Back. And, well, it's been a lot of years since I've watched it and have a hankerin' to see it again myself. (If memory serves me correctly, I saw it about a dozen times when it was originally in the theaters....)

So, my apologies, but hey, the rules are that you must POST every day, not that you must post something worth reading! :-/~


At 9:27 PM, Anonymous kyra said...

fluffy LOVES star wars! he's never seen the whole movie through--he prefers chapter selection--but he has seen bits of the original, the empire strikes back and the third one. sorry, but i've forgotten the name! i've only seen them all once so i love watching with him.


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