Wednesday, November 08, 2006

that other blog

I just wanted to take a second to inform any of you that might have been looking at my other blog, "along the crooked path", that I'm going to abandon it. (In fact, I tried deleting it this morning, but there's some sort of error with Blogger, so it's still there, at least temporarily.) I've not been finding the time to write there, and end up deleting most of the things I post there when I do find time. It's just not a good fit for me at this time, I'd rather concentrate on this blog. Besides, as Jacob's autism gets closer and closer to remediation, I'll have more time to write HERE about the things that I want to write about THERE.

That's the funny thing about a homeschooling blog -- we're all too busy actually homeschooling to post in it!

Besides, as it turns out, even though I don't feel like my life has been consumed by Autism, it certainly is intertwined with it and there's just no picking out the pieces.


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