Wednesday, June 27, 2007

sensory updates

This is one of those feel-good, look-how-far-we've-come sort of posts. I LOVE those types of posts! And I'm thrilled when I can write one.

Two years ago, Jacob would only stand on the shore of the lake and would not even set a toe in the water -- he would allow us to carry him in and hold him (while he clung tightly to us), but the sensation of wet sand/earth beneath his feet was too overwhelming for him. Last year he would reluctantly creep into the water on his own, but only if the bank surface was adequately sandy and firm enough. This year, he's bounding into the water regardless of the surface, and is actually spending time making muddy puddles to stomp around in with his bare feet.

Last year Jacob made sand castles by carefully shoveling sand into a bucket of water (making sure not to splash, running in terror if it did accidentally splash), gently turning over the bucket, and stepping back as he removed the bucket from the pile of sand. This year, he digs and scoops the sand into the bucket with his hands, splashing and slopping it as he goes, then delights in jumping into the middle of his sand creation after removing the bucket. Note the sand all over his feet -- last year he would have immediately come in search of a towel to wipe it off. Now he doesn't even notice.

Last year Jacob would not turn upside down -- the inverted position was too uncomfortable and frightening for him. Just look at our little monkey now! Not only will he happily hang upside down, but will do flips as well.

As for our SOS feeding program, he is now able to tolerate a variety of foods in close proximity to his plate. We have even started playing around with putting some of the less offensive foods ON his plate. Slow but steady progress!

And, in the biggest news to date, here he is trying a new food! This icecream pop captured his attention because it was shaped like spiderman. He had a lot of difficulty bringing himself to take that lick (although it dripped on his hands several times and he was able to calmly wipe it off). And unfortunately, he truly did not like the taste once he did try it. But he DID try it! I've decided we're going to play the "icecream of the day" game at the beach this summer -- when the icecream truck comes, we'll buy a different type of treat each day and give it a try. Maybe we'll find something he'll like. More likely, I'll put on a couple extra pounds eating rejected icecream....


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