Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Thanks you guys! Honestly, I wasn't fishing for comments when I posted that last post, but I appreciate those of you who wrote in (and I totally understand about those of you who read but DON'T comment -- I don't typically comment on anyone's blog either). In fact, you guys managed to push my all-time high number of comments above the number I got on that sticker chart post that bothered me, so I guess I can put that little irksome feeling to rest.

Speaking of the sticker charts, I've continued to do them. Since the first chart, Jacob's not had any poop accidents -- not sure if I have the charts to thank for that, or just natural development. We've still got occassional pee accidents first thing in the morning (just not making it to the toilet in time after waking up), often enough that I don't dare let him sleep without the pull-up on, which also is probably related to development and will come along in time. I DO want to keep him motivated to TRY to make it there first thing in the morning (as soon as I'm hearing him in the morning, I remind him to go to the bathroom -- sometimes he makes it, sometimes not), so I'm going to stay with the sticker charts for now, but we're switching the criteria a bit to eliminate rewards for poop (he seems to have that mastered now) and just awarding stickers for a dry pull-up in the morning. I'm also planning on giving him surprise "bonus" stickers if/when he requests to use the potty on his own while we're out and about -- he still needs to be prompted to go, and we did have one accident this past weekend while hiking (he had to finish one hike back to the car bottomless, as his pull-up leaked and soaked his pants). And I'm on the verge of eliminating the day-time pull-up again.

So anyway, we're getting there. The fact that he's not in school certainly makes this more manageable and takes the outside pressure to get him trained out of the equation, which is very good for my sanity and is bound to be good for our potty training program in general.

And that's enough potty talk for today! :-)


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