Sunday, June 03, 2007

SOS success -- s'mores

I really wasn't sure how this would go over, but Zoo Boy badly wanted to participate in the s'mores making activity that was being held during a family parks day event we went to this weekend. So I went ahead and popped a marshmallow on a stick for Jacob too and handed it to him, guided him over to the fire, and got him toasting it.

After tending carefully for his marshmallow, Jacob let the woman running the activity pop it between two chocolate-covered graham crackers. Imagine my surprise when he readily took the oozy, sticky treat from me!

Then he completely exceeded my expectations by actually TASTING it. And guess what? He LIKED it!!!! (Well, duh, he loves marshmallow peeps, but I didn't even need to tell him that it tasted like those to get him to take a nibble.) He ate quite a bit of the marshmallow from around the outside before the sensation of holding all that goo become too much for him and he started frantically looking for a place to ditch it and some running water to wash his hands. (I found a place for him to ditch it -- MY mouth! It was YUMMY!) We talked a lot about that the rest of the day, how cool it was to try something NEW and how he LIKED it, and now we can have campfires this summer and make s'mores. We talked about REAL s'mores, and how they are made from marshmallows (which he just found out he likes), hershey's bars (a long-standing favorite of his), and graham crackers (also a "Jacob-approved" food). And he expressed excitement about future opportunities to make s'mores. (And I'm pretty excited about it too! :-)

In another SOS success this week, he willingly touched an icecream sandwich to see how cold it was. I commented at the time that it was made up of things he likes -- sugar cookies, m&ms, and vanilla icecream. I'll have to buy the same icecream sandwich again this week and remind him of the s'mores, also made up of three things he likes. Maybe we can even get a nibble out of him!

By the way, in case you're wondering, Zoo Boy did NOT try the s'mores. Or the icecream sandwich, although he did hold the icecream sandwich for a brief time and at least considered taking a bite.


At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Harvest Mom. Today is the first day I've read jacob's journey and it brought me to tears. I have read your replies on HS-RDI several times - I appreciate the way you are so insightful in your replies. Thank you for reminding me not to miss the JOY in our journey with our son! By the way we took Drew camping (age 8, stage 2 RDI) last month and he was very proud of toasting marshmallows and even took a bite of a smore also, though he was also bothered by the stickiness! Warm regards, Jackie


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