Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jacob's new buddy

Here's a couple photos of Jacob's first meeting with his new pal. (She's the one with 4 feet.) Sadly, his little Shetland Pony hasn't recovered from his founder -- in fact, he's going through a horrible flare-up right now -- and it's been months since Jacob's been able to ride. So we finally made the decision that it was time to search for a new pony for Jacob. Today's visit was love at first sight! He was a little nervous when first mounting her -- she's quite a bit taller than his little pony. But he quickly settled in and had a great ride. This pony loves to move, not like his pony who putters along and has to be pursueded to keep moving, and Jacob was all smiles and songs while riding her.

We've still got a few details to iron out, but it looks likely this girl will be joining our crew sometime soon.


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