Saturday, February 03, 2007

5 year and 20 year mission previews

Originally I had planned to post our 5 year and 20 year misssion previews along with my post from yesterday, but the post ended up being so long that I decided to just wait and give them their own post. These were written in January 2006.

a scene 5 years from now:

phone rings:
voice: "Hi, this is John, can I talk to Jacob?"
I call Jacob in from the yard where he's playing baseball with his brother and a few friends. He yells "be right back!" as he comes running.
Jacob: "Hello?...Oh, hi John! You should come over, we're playing ball....Hey, Ma!!! Can John come over?"
me: "Ok, but we have to leave for Grandma's in a little while."
Jacob: "Yeah, come over now! We can play ball until I have to go to my Grandmother's birthday party."
Jacob yells "Thanks, Ma!" as he runs back out the door.
Sounds of laughter and fun from the yard.

This mission preview shows my 5-year vision of a "normalized" life, where we all will have moved beyond therapy being the central focus of our daily lives, and a 10 year old Jacob will have moved on to the important work of being a "just a kid" rather than a "kid with Autism".

a scene 20 years from now:

Jacob and his wife come to visit us, bringing pictures from their recent trip to Spain. Jacob helps his Dad barbecue steaks on the grill while I chat with his wife about the house they are about to move into, their first house. We're thinking about color themes for the nursery when Jacob come in from the deck with the food and teases me about becoming a grandmother and being old. We all sit down to dinner and discuss our plans to rent a weekend house on the Cape later that summer.

I chose to use a 20 year scene rather than a 10 year scene (the suggestion was long-term results, 10-20 years from now) because I figured that 10 years out would only get Jacob to age 15, and I figured we'd want to look at longer term results than that. I know that the scene shows some pretty specific things. However, it was not my intent to choose the sorts of thing that Jacob will be interested in (travel, marriage, parenthood), but rather to show that he'll have as likely a chance to have those things if they are things that he desires. That he, in fact, will have the choice of becoming anything he chooses, no ifs, ands, or buts.


At 9:57 AM, Blogger Christine said...

Our consultant wants us to start developing mission previews of our own and it is causing a good deal of anxiety for me. Try as I might every scene that I would like to imagine for the future -- short term and long -- involves my hope that it involves speech. I know that I should be focusing more on meaningful communication instead of words, but I guess I'm just not ready to give that up yet. Setting goals that are both meaningful and realistic is proving quite a challenge. I wonder if it will be easier once we have more RDI time under our belt and begin to see some real progress. Anyway, thanks for posting this -- it has been really helpful.

At 4:03 AM, Blogger Cecily said...

I have to do my mission preview this week. I'm a list-type person, so it's tricky to get it into a lovely little story, but I'll give it a crack.

I've just been re-reading your entire blog to find what you did for Stage 1 regulation activities. You know, you should publish this as a book!

But I discovered that you're using homeopathy - or at least you were. Could you write more about it, and how it helps at this stage of the game?

Cheers, Cecily


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