Friday, January 26, 2007

small motor and books for this week

The boys worked with a marble and block run set this week during the "small motor skills" part of our daily rhythms. Here's a photo of them in the midst of the creative process. They also did some play with playdoh on another day, and then drawing/coloring with block crayons on another.

In books this week, we've been reading the following during our Family Story Time each evening:

It's Winter, by Linda Glaser, illustrated by Susan Swan. This is part of a series, one for each season, by this author and illustrator team, and it's as good as the It's Fall book we enjoyed during that season. The verse is simple yet engaging, and the cut-paper "sculptured" illustrations draw you right into the scene. The kids love this book, and can relate to it now that we've got snow on the ground. (I've had this book for awhile, but wanted to wait to use it until it actually looked and felt like winter around here!)

Winter Days in the Big Woods, by Laura Ingalls Wilder, illustrated by Renee Graef. Another in the My First Little House Books series, this story tells about the Ingalls family (from Laura's perspective) as they prepare for winter, and the indoor activities that fill their winter days, from household chores, to pretend play and paper dolls and stories on Pa's lap. This entire series is a BIG hit with the kids, particularly Jacob, who I think has a crush on Laura....

Trouble with Trolls, by Jan Brett. I LOVE Jan Brett, she's definitely my favorite kids' author and illustrator. Her stories are imagination-inspiring, and her beautiful, detailed illustrations are SO involved, with side-stories always happening beneath and around the main theme. I can't say enough good things about her. In this tale, Treva meets a family of greedy trolls who try to steal her dog, and she repeatedly has to use her wit to save her dog from them. Just enough imagery and peril to inspire my kids' imagination and excitement without losing or scaring them. Great book!


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