Wednesday, August 02, 2006

skipping along, tra la, tra la

Jacob's 3rd birthday came and went. Christmas came and went. We twiddle our thumbs and patiently waited for his Autism Evaluation in January. That, too, came and went, and we had a diagnosis and a letter that we sent to the school district. More waiting and thumb-twiddling ensued.

I read all I could about Sensory Integration, as that seemed to be the single biggest problem we were dealing with -- just getting Jacob comfortable being in the world. I applied some of the techniques I read about, I provided various textures and surfaces for him to get used to, I arranged as much of a "sensory diet" for him as I could figure out on my own. I began rolling him up tightly in a sheet, turning him into a "catapillar". He loved this "game" and would thank me for leaving him wrapped up tight. 10 or 15 minutes later, he'd wriggle his way out. Then an hour later he was handing the sheet back to me, looking to be a catapillar again.

We discovered the Music Together program and immediately changed over from Kindermusik. The more relaxed, family atmosphere was a better fit for him, and he loved both the program and the instructor. I never had a problem getting him in the building, and we never had to leave the class screaming -- drastic constrast to the other program, where we spent more time coming and going than we actually did making music. The instuctor let him participate on the level he was comfortable with, and he has absolutely flourished in that program. (Currently, he's been invited to participate in their new program for 5-6 year olds that is being piloted at the music center we attend this fall -- he has become a full participating member of class since those early days of hiding in my lap.)

We continued with Gymboree classes at the same level we'd been at -- he pretty much ignored everything that was going on around him and particpated in his own obsessive activities. When spring and the good outdoor weather came, we finally dropped Gymboree once and for all, opting for (free!) outdoor playgrounds to work on his physical skills.

And we finally got a date for his school evaluations in March of 2004. He was to be evaluated by the school psychologist, the SLP, the OT, and his classroom teacher, and we were to fill out various information from other deparments (health, social services, etc). We held our breath and started bringing him for his "testing". Posted by Picasa


At 11:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm considering being a Music Together or Kindermusik teacher, so I'm seeking info on comparing them. I'm glad Jacob took part so well in MT. His response to MT may be the thing that tips the scale for me to get into Music Together! Thanks!


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