Tuesday, March 06, 2007

photos of OT/SIT session, part two

This is part two of my photo series on Jacob's OT/SIT session yesterday. Please read part one first.

Jacob is using a springy hammock (which he sometimes gets bouncy rides in) to stabilize himself as he jumps on the rim of the ball pit (which is comprised of truck inner tubes lashed together and filled with balls). He jumps for a certain number of repetitions, then jumps into the ball pit. More proprioceptive work, as well as muscle strength/tone and of course control and coordination of his body movements.

Half way through Jacob's sessions, he is told that he can invite Zoo Boy to join him. He then instructs Zoo Boy on how to do all of the activities he's done (more RDI work!), and he's responsible for making sure Zoo Boy gets any help he needs to accomplish it (even more RDI work!). Here Jacob helps his OT move the air pillow up and down and back and forth for Zoo Boy.

Jacob demonstrating the "sloth position" on the bolster swing. Like a lot of kids with ASD, he has a diagnosis of Hypotonia, which means that he has low muscle tone, and activities like this and many others that we do with him help him to build up his muscle strength and stamina. This sort of activity is something that he has quite a bit of trouble with.

Jacob enjoys using the massage mitten for a little tactile input after all that hard muscle-building work.

Here Jacob is using a blow pen to write his name. He has to blow with enough strength to get the ink to come out. Great "heavy work", and good for increasing airflow and encouraging rib-cage expansion.


At 12:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW re this little series about OT; and the OT pictures are great ! Fascinating.

TOPIC REQUEST: ANY NEWS ABOUT THE NEW PONY ????? (Thanks for the piece about the puppy!!) BevC

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Karianna said...

Wow, the activities look like so much fun! My son's OT is a very small room with not nearly as many gadgets as you've shown in these posts.


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