Thursday, January 11, 2007

this week in books

Here's a quick run-down of the books we're reading this week:

"Welcome to the Icehouse", by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Laura Regan. Jane Yolen is one of my favorite kid's authors, and the arctic is of interest to my guys right now, so this was bound to be a big hit with us. A year's glimpse at the Arctic, with an empahsis on the long winter. Just perfect for January nights which FINALLY seem to be cold enough to call winter! The verse is rich and poetic, and the illustrations are beautifully realistic.

"Sky Castle", by Sandra Hanken, iullstrations by Jody Bergsma. This is a whimsical book about Fairy children who, together with their imaginations, build a castle in the sky to house all the hopes and dreams of our planet, then bring it down to earth to create a nirvana. The bouncy verse and detailed illustrations immediately captivated my children, and the overall message of peace, harmony, and love sold us parent-types on it instantly. This one goes on our favorite books list!

"Dance at Grandpa's", adapted from The Little House Books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, illustrated by Renee Graef. If you haven't checked out the "My First Little House Books" series, you simply must! My kids LOVE these books, this is the third that we've read -- the first was "Wintertime on the Farm" and the second was "Christmas in the Big Woods". These books are little snippets of the lives of all of our favorite "Little House" characters, and a wonderful introduction to the world of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Jacob immediately identified himself with young Almanzo as a "farmer boy", and was absolutely thrilled when I told him that when they are older, Almanzo and Laura meet, fall in love, and get married. (I think he's got a crush on Laura!) I purchased several more titles from this series as well, I'm looking forward to the chance to work them into our rotation.


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