Thursday, December 21, 2006

fall 2006 homeschooling, solstice celebrations

Our late December theme has been the celebrations that take place around the solstice. This year we've focused mostly on Christmas, because it is what our families all celebrate, although given that today is Yule, there's been some activities based around that this past week as well. We'll do more with Yule in the coming years, but we thought one holiday was enough chaos for this year. So we've been reading books about Christmas (those that focus on simple celebrations, focusing on the "magic" of the season), singing Christmas and winter songs, decorating the house for the season, decorating Christmas trees, picking out our own tree (we'll decorate it tomorrow, we only put the lights up on it until after Yule), sending out holiday cards, wrapping holiday gifts, driving around looking at Christmas lights, attending a presentation of The Nutcracker. Oh, and watching the Christmas TV specials that we grew up watching, which has been fun and nostalgic for us.

There, I'm all caught up with homeschooling stuff too! Whatever shall I write about now?? Ahh, don't worry, I've still got PLENTY of stuff to say, on RDI, Homeschooling, Enki Education, etc. It'll be a long winter, I'm sure I'll be able to fill it with no problem!


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