Friday, July 28, 2006

enter Zoo Boy

So Zoo Boy was born. My parents stayed at home with Jacob while The Map Man and I did the whole early morning c-section hospital thingy. After we got wheeled back to our room from Recovery, he drove home to get Jacob. My parents drove back to see me and meet their new grandson. Eventually I saw Jacob's head peek in the door of our room -- and that was it for the next several hours. He took one look at me, the room, the baby, and ran back down the hall to the elevators. The Map Man entertained him by letting him ride the elevators and explore the cafeteria until more family showed up -- my brother and sister and their families -- cousins weren't allowed in my room, which, tho a bummer for them, worked out great for Jacob -- he hung in the family waiting room in a party like astmosphere with his cousins for the entire day, batting at balloons and entertaining everyone with his counting behavior.

By mid-afternoon, he was really in need of nursing. So he finally was convinced to make his way back down the hall to our room. I knew he was coming, so I'd handed Zoo Boy off to my mother, and Jacob crawled in bed with me and nursed himself down to a nap. After that, he was happy to stay in the room with us, and we all had dinner together (our new family of 4 plus my parents), and although he didn't look at the baby at all, at least he hung in there with us all without any drama. After dinner, The Map Man and Jacob took off for home, my Dad took off for his home, and Mom, Zoo Boy, and I settled in for a comfortable first night.

The next day, Jacob came readily into the room (looking to nurse), and started stealing peeks at the baby. He sat with both me and The Map Man while we held Zoo Boy. He wouldn't get closer than an arm's length to him, and he skittered across the room if he made any noise, but fortunately for Jacob, he was blessed with a very content little brother who really didn't cry much. What an ENORMOUS difference for us from our experience with Jacob!

By the 3rd day, Jacob was willing to nurse with Zoo Boy in the bed with me, and was willing to pose for our first family portrait (above). It would still be days before he would try touching his new brother, but he was taking more quick peeks at him throughout the day. By the time we went home the next morning, he didn't seem too bothered about the fact that Zoo Boy came with us. We all breathed a sigh of relief, figuring we had dodged a potentially large problem. Yeah, right. Posted by Picasa


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